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This 1,500 sqft three bedroom penthouse apartment opens up to a 600 sqft terrace that overlooks the woody lanes of Bandra with the Arabian Sea in the distance. Inspired by the rustic elegance and old world charm of the cottages that this house overlooks, we set out to create a home with a timeless design narrative. 


The thematic material palette selected was raw and natural. Rough cut wood, with all its imperfections and scratches, dents intact narrating stories of its past. Leathers and natural fabrics like cotton, linen and jute and lights made from antique metal and cane completes the look. A beautiful rustic wooden dining table with handcrafted vintage chairs married with a timeless antique bench from an old chapel captures the centre of attention in the living space, above which hangs a striking pendant light. The blue stained wood veneers in the kitchen add some colour to the space. The oak coloured ceramic tiles and white subway tiles gives the kitchen a very rustic and homely feel. 


This sun kissed home celebrates light and nature. Everything that we did through our design process marries this from the delicately framed soft palette of colours to the visual infusion of contemporary and traditional pieces. Every piece of furniture that was customised was carefully designed and created to reflect the many layers of texture and detail within. 

Photography: Ishita Sitwala

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