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In collaboration with FN Design Studio

As the third project in this building, this two-bedroom home pushed us to explore the spatial configuration best suited to our clients, a young couple who love to use their home not only to host friends but also to kick back and relax. We chose a more dramatic, edgy monochromatic colour palette with dashes of colour to create a more glamorous and stylish look. 


In order to create multiple layers that captures one’s attention, the existence of different concepts of design within the same space was explored. The furniture and décor pieces were all carefully crafted and sourced keeping in mind the neutral, natural theme. A pop of rich emerald green colour in the corner with the bar unit is the perfect addition for the young couple who entertain regularly. The centerpiece of the space is the terrazzo top dining table- a masterpiece that celebrates natural beauty of the stone with its varying textures and imperfections. 


Natural materials, contrasting colours and textured spaces harmoniously blend in this home. This is a home that truly embodies the personalities of its young owners.

Photography: Ishita Sitwala

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