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Located in a quaint lane of Bandra’s Salsette society, this home is an amalgamation of three cosy apartments to create one big home for four. A three-bedroom apartment with large open spaces to accommodate a plush living, bar and dining area along with a home office, study, TV room and an open sit out. As functionality and aesthetic value was core, we really had to understand the family’s lifestyle and daily routine to best utilise and design these spaces.


The client’s initial apprehension towards colours saw us set out with a neutral colour scheme that was complimented with touches of green. The design narrative evolved considerably throughout the construction process which was possible as we overcame the client’s apprehension towards colour. With subtle tones of maroons and blues added to the space in soft furnishings of carpets, cushions and artwork. With a clear brief to create a home that was bright and airy that reflected the lifestyle of simple folks who enjoy family living and celebrating with friends we drew inspiration from a ‘new traditionalist style’. This saw us teaming classical elements with modern pieces. The white self-coloured wall mouldings and antique hand knotted carpets were blended with a combination of classic hand carved wooden furniture, rustic cabinetry, contemporary chairs and modern pieces. This makes for a timeless elegance that blends beautifully and maintains its relevance for years to come.

Photography: Suleiman Merchant

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