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Established in 1989, Ten The Health Spa was the first gym in Mumbai and also the country’s first fully air conditioned modern gym and spa. Located in the heart of Bandra, the gym has been the go-to place for residents of the area and neighbourhood of Khar for the past 25 years. However what it had in heritage it lacked in ambience with its outdated interiors and planning. The gym was failing to keep up with the times and therefore the need for a complete transformation was due.


The new materiality was defined according to the desire to add a younger, more vibrant feel. The walls of the old brick and concrete were complemented with chequered plate with neon yellow bands adding a new colourful layer, redefining the space and also protecting the walls from the falling weights. Fresh energising hues were used for high adrenalin zones, more subtle tones to create a calm and tranquil environment fitting for holistic workouts spaces.

Photography: Ishita Sitwala

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