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The Architect’s Mother


In a quiet lane off Almeida Park, this 1,200 sqft three bedroom apartment posed a very precious opportunity for me – a home for my parents. Having known them my entire life gave me the chance to design and build something that is well suited to their personality and lifestyle even if they did not know it at first. This was a home that was designed and built as a complete surprise only to be revealed right at the very end. A cosy three bedroom apartment was converted into a two bedroom with a home office, allowing my old folks to work from home comfortably during the pandemic. The design aesthetic of the home is very eclectic. All the furniture in the living room is a mix of rich antique art deco pieces from Bombay’s glorious past and custom designed colourful modern pieces that create a sense of fun and excitement. 


Throughout the home the material scheme navigates the eye through multiple sensorial experiences from different complexities of textures and materials to bold colours and prints. A strikingly monochrome large kitchen adds an edgy characteristic to the home and is the perfect sanctuary for my father to pursue his passion for food. Simple, subtle and elegant bedrooms makes for a very cosy and comfortable space to wind down and retire for the night. 


This home is focused around the living area, the nucleus for the family to get together. The rich art deco feel is celebrated with a mix of modern world style which defines the home for my parents.

Photography: Ishita Sitwala

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