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Tucked within the folds of the Kalote lake banks, lies this farm house for a family of four. A small house built on a one-acre plot at the base of the catchment, draped by beautiful waterfalls on all sides. Our brief was to create a home away from home for this couple that allowed them to explore the outdoors and entertain over the weekends.


Due to the existing site condition of the land, we chose to begin our design process with the geometry of a boomerang shaped house as it best tackled the site contours and had the opportunity to maximize the view of the cascading waterfalls that dominate the view from the plot. Combining this with inspiration from the local vernacular style prevalent in this region, the overall design allowed us to create a home that fit in beautifully with its surroundings without sticking out and grabbing too much attention. It is this simplicity and the homes ability to engage with its surrounding that convinced the clients to attempt building such an unconventional home. 


In such remote natural areas, sustainability is crucial and we have achieved that in this house. Using materials that are natural and local to the area was also a priority during the construction process. Most importantly minimizing the destruction created to the existing landscape and our footprint so as to not let the home dominate the plot.

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