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In collaboration with Dragonfly Designs

Located in the highly gentrified neighbourhood of Lal Baug is the head office of Publicis Groupe. A ground plus one standalone structure of 20,000 sqft with an 8,000 sqft terrace garden. The first thing one notices from the parking lot is the majestic rain tree reflecting off of the glass box behind it. On entering the space flooded with natural light, looking upwards to the glass skylight of the atrium one understands the grandeur of this tree, how beautiful it is and its impact on the space. This to us had to be the focal point of the office. We had to create a space that was transparent and permeable for all this beauty to be felt and experienced from every part of the office. 

With millennials forming the bulk of the task force for this new age office we wanted to create a space that is flexible, functional and iconic. Work stations of the various companies under the Publicis Groupe make up most of the floor area with strategically placed desks for team leaders, centrally located meeting rooms and break-out areas designed to maximise interaction between the various agencies, making for a vibrant and lively work environment. The prime focus for the design was to create this “new configuration” that disrupts the archaic soiled working style and encourages creative collaboration organically, rather than in a planned manner.

Photography: Suleiman Merchant

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