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Built as an addition to a classical styled villa is this sleek modern structure located along the pool in the back garden of a family home. Designed to resemble a transparent floating box, this structure almost seems to reflect its garden surroundings. Playing with materials and textures within the space and most predominantly light and shadow. This simple structure houses the facilities for the main home which includes a gym, salon, sauna and massage room. The structure was recessed a few feet below the ground level to reduce its height impact on the site without compromising on the interior ceiling height. As the structure sits partially recessed in the ground this glass box offers its occupants a different perspective of the outside, somehow being closer to the ground and its landscape. 


Built in steel, glass, wood and stone we wanted to focus on the detailing of each material whilst keeping the overall geometry linear and frill free. Deep sections are used to conceal the roof, horizontal louvers form light and sun screening, large windows and pivot doors to create a light but grand feel. Due to the extreme weather in Dubai careful consideration was given to the screening and louvres in order to celebrate the flooding of natural light but also to control it during harsher times of the day and year. Soft furnishings with the wooden strip ceiling, textured stonework and of course the palm trees reinforce the tropical feel with greenery and a water body surrounding this structure. Natural materials, muted tones and textures harmoniously blend this out house to its main home and surrounding context.

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