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Located in one of South Bombay’s most cherished heritage precincts lies this apartment on the ground floor of a 100-year-old building propped up by load bearing limestone walls, wooden columns and brick jack arched slabs. This beautiful apartment overlooking the beach is a 2,800 sqft three-bedroom home with an 18-foot-high ceiling which is a privileged opportunity in this city. Multiple mezzanine floors make for a unique city house where spaces not only interact laterally but vertically as well.  


Although the home exudes the old Bombay charm, being assaulted by time and nature for over the years meant that this structure needed major repair works. The termite-eaten wood columns were repaired and replaced whilst the discovery of the beautiful jack arched slabs hidden under the old false ceiling were restored as they further lent to the character of the space. A combination of marble, contrasting black and grey checkered floors and hardwood adds to its old charm. The narrow-arched windows were rescued and revived from all the modifications it has seen over the years, bringing in beautiful light into the spaces offering authenticity and true heritage value.

This home has survived generations more than a hundred years and is now ready to see a hundred more now after its much needed facelift.

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