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On the edge of a private lake this home has a clear view of the lake in front banked by a dense forest on its sides. The calming reflection of the trees and the sky make a beautiful view that is unlike anything else in the Khandala area. Away from all the tourists and the chikki fanatics this home is truly a place one can come to connect with nature. The existing home on site was this ugly duckling sitting of the edge of a beautiful lake, it came with two small bedrooms, a living area, kitchen and a multipurpose room. Although heavy on the eyes it was well built and in order to ensure we do not waste all the resources already put into this house we, along with the clients decided to mould this house into something we could be proud of. 


Sticking to a the design approach of a rustic lake house we started off by adding thick heavy stone clad columns, two on the front and two at the back of the home which would go on to support a whole new floor plate which was built by extending the terrace outwards, making space for two additional bedrooms. These columns terminate into a beautiful wooden king post roof that emphasises the vast expanse of the space and wooded clad ceiling that gives a rustic feel and contrasts the white wall finishes. The sensitive approach of adapting the old structure to the new home allowed each element of the programme to have a meaningful relationship with the outside world and for us to build in a more sustainable manner. 

Photography: Suryan//Dang

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