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Jaywalking is a very unique street ware brand located at the iconic Rhythm house, this famous building in the art district of Kalaghoda deserves to house spaces that are a piece of art themselves. 
Hence the idea was to create something unconventional and inviting. We also wanted to make sure the Kala Ghoda store looked different from the other two stores in Bandra and Dhan Mill, Delhi but still spoke a similar language. The space was designed to ensure it doesn’t look like your run of the mill store, and be an unexpected take on a street wear store by making it look more like an art studio/artist living space. The store ultimately acts as a display space for the client who is also an artist. The brand produces limited edition pieces which their loyalists and customers value and appreciate so it was only fitting to ensure the pieces had an appropriate backdrop for display. The oversized sofa, armchairs and large table added some warmth to the space and gives the users the option of unwinding and relaxing at the store making it a multipurpose space other than just shopping for clothes.
The palette is fairly neutral with elements that stood out like the oversized chunky orange leather sofa and armchairs, paired with a custom made 10 ft wide rug with Jay’s hand drawn artwork embroidered on to it. The columns that continued through both floors of the space are  clad in canvas to give it a less structured, easier and more artistic look. The overall whites were offset with the cemented flooring on the lower floor and wooden flooring on the upper level, both bordered with black polished pine wood. The “Beautiful Lady” is Jay’s signature art and was utilised throughout the store most noticeably in the sculpture atop the staircase and the rug as well as in subtle elements like the doorknobs. 
The checkout counter and staircase drapes intend on creating a play on forms using fabrics in unconventional ways. The drapes around the checkout counter make the corner seem cozy and more private while adding an element of interest to the space. The staircase sheer drapes down to the lower floor just enough to pique the customers curiosity to visit the upper floor.

Photography: Nupur Singh & Saket Saurabh 

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