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Perched on the edge of a steep slope deep in the forests of Mount Alterra is this dreamy ‘A’ frame house built for a young couple with a passion for travel. 

We wanted to create the ultimate escape for them as they love the outdoors and functional design. The ‘A’ frame - a design that is famous for its numerous possibilities beneath its steep roof. Designed as a triangular shaped home with a series of trusses that are joined at the peak and descend outward to the main floor with no intervening vertical walls. A roofline connects at a three sixty degree angle to create an equilateral triangle. Creating a secure structure with the least amount of material. The resulting vaulted ceiling inside organically drives the layout of the house with open and airy sleeping lofts upstairs and the common spaces downstairs. High ceilings make for an open and spacious feeling living without a whole lot of wall.


This all metal home was designed to be quick and economical but with a timeless design badge. Large double height windows used for the façade of an A frame not only provide opportunities for breath-taking panoramic views of the forest behind and the valley below but also let in plenty of natural light. In order to add to the romantic daydream of an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life we also built a treehouse to go with the main house. This home is the ideal way to permanently fill the pyramid shaped void in your life, especially for our couple who was not afraid to try something new. It is the ultimate place for them to escape from the daily grind, with a no frills design that works magic in its rugged terrain landscape.

Photography: Suryan//Dang

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