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Built at the edge of a traditional Maharashtrian village this home sits on the banks of a picturesque brook overlooking the majestic mountainous landscape that surround it. Marking the surface of these steep cliff faces are dozens of waterfalls that form the view of this house. Since the land is extremely flat and located at the base of a hilly range with all the views upwards we decided to design a courtyard style house, one that takes inspiration from the vernacular style prevalent in the region with a subtle modern twist. Respecting the surroundings and context we wanted to create a connection to this.


Built with laterite stone this three-bedroom single storey load bearing house is designed to respond to the climate of the region. Thoughtful design and strategically located clay jallis allow breeze to flow through the courtyard, keeping it ventilated whilst the summer air is cooled by the pool and courtyard garden. The thick and heavy walls absorb heat during the day keeping the space inside cool while the high placed vents help dissipate the heat faster during the nights. The natural material palette creates an elegantly understated and robust feel to the home. The courtyard house has been designed for relaxed living. 


Our main strategy to achieve a good level of design for this home was to focus on the quality of spaces and ventilation through the exploration of natural material and techniques instead of investing on expensive materials. The architectural qualities are reached through thoughtful details, clean geometrical forms and the aspiration to achieve simplicity in this countryside home.

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