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In collaboration with FN Design Studio

Nestled in the charming suburb of Chembur surrounded by dense foliage of lush green trees is this intimate two-and-a-half-bedroom apartment. A home for a couple who have founded a local textile company. Our vision was to create a space which is minimalist in nature however combined materials, patterns and textures complimentary to the design narrative to evoke a sense of curiosity and serenity. The clients wanted their home to exude a sense of belonging from the moment they walked into the space. Their love for patterns and textures allowed us to create an amalgamation of muted tones, splashes of colours and a captivating play of light and shadow. 


 The Indian touch is evident in the teak wood dining table set that was made in Rajasthan with its richness of material and modern design it strikes the perfect balance in the space. The curved teak wood sliding doors leading into the kitchen creates a backdrop for the dining space and allows for the perfect balance of light and privacy. As the interior palette is mostly neutral and colour is only used as an accent, the natural tones of wood create an extra layer of richness and texture. Neutral artwork paired with minimal concrete lights tie the spaces together. 

Each corner in the home has been designed to create a sense of familiarity however adding a touch of uniqueness to preserve the curiosity of the user. The play of light through the fluted glass partitions softly illuminates the home during the day, casting different shadows keeping the space alive and ever changing.

Photography: Ishita Sitwala

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